Saturday, December 4, 2010

MMP Ornament Swap 2010

Well, I'm late as usual! Been really busy... I know that is not a good excuse. But here I am, finally posting the ornaments I received in the Make Mine Pink ornament swap.

First, my ornament from Mary at Mary's Cottage Treasures. Have you ever seen a cuter angel? I think not.
She is just adorable and she has my name. What a coincidence!!

Next is a very unique and creative ornament made from an antique oil spout. The santa, tinsel and ornaments are also vintage. This came from Meri at Imagimeris. I doubt she really knows how well this fits in this old house.

Now to the ones I sent out. And yes I realize that mine are not very creative. I did learn through all this that this may not be my forte. I believe I have a better understanding of the process now and if I could do it all over again... but I can't. So here they are.

This first one was to Mary. It's kind of hard to see but the top of the ornament is an angel. Mary likes angels.
Next, the green one to Meri.
This one to Joanne. I know it looks as though it is red and purple, but it is really red and blue.


  1. VERA,

    Really cute ornaments! The oil funnel is a fun idea. I like the green ornament you made as well.

  2. What a great blog! I didn't realize your angels eyes were SO big - do they look that bad? I cannot get my Blog to work, so am glad you posted all the pics.
    Mary P