Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finished Sewing Room Reorganization

The guest bathroom that seemed to be going so well came to an abrupt halt when the paint on the tub didn't stick. I do believe that the cold temperature has something to do with it. I think I will wait until it warms up a bit to try that again.

However, one project has finally been completed. At least for now. The sewing room was in desperate need of additional storage. So my wonderful DH built me a storage cabinet to hold all those plastic bins that on their own just don't want to stack. We moved a couple of pieces out that didn't seem to be working, moved a couple of new ones in, traded out one printer cabinet for another and just like magic (yeah, right) storage for everything. The new pieces don't match the others but that will be taken care of at a later date. Right now, I can work without tripping over a bunch of boxes and I have room to get around my cutting table.

So, this is where I work. It is so much easier to breath with everything organized!





I have some ideas for some new doll bedding. Now that the newsletter is over for a couple of hours, (!!!) at least that is the way it seems, I can concentrate on other things for a few days.

See ya at the next posting!


  1. Wow how pretty and you have a huge area you are so lucky! thanks for sharing the pictures enjoy your redone space
    hugs sassy gail at

  2. Hi Vera,

    I love your sewing room! It's spacious and I love the shabby chic cabinets, cupboards you've got in there!!

    Pei Li

  3. Vera,
    What an incredible work space you have and it is SO organized. Bet that feels REALLY good, too! It's lovely...congrats! Loved seeing the doll beds on the table, too. Your room is huge!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Mary Patterson

  4. Wow love the HUGH room. It is decorated so nice. I bet you can't wait to get in there eachday and it muct take you longer and longer to want to go to bed. I am envious that you have such a hugh room to work in. I am happy that you got it done. I know it must of took forever to get it to look like this. Thanks for sharing it with us.. Kath'

  5. Wow! That is about the same size as my apartment. Very lovely room.

  6. Vera

    I absolutely love your work space it's awesome. How can you not be inspired when you are working in such a beautiful place.

    Pale Pink And Roses

  7. Vera,
    I love your sewing is beautiful! I love the way you have it decorated! Thank you for sharing!

    Shabby Shan's Cottage

  8. Beautiful workplace. I would love a space like that to work in. Right now I hop from the kitchen, garage and dining room. I have no place to put my stuff down and not have to clean it up. The plan is to turn the garage into a studio when it turns warm. It won't be as pretty as yours though!

  9. What a terrific place to get creative! Love it.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  10. I like your new office! Hopefully sometime I can actually see it!

  11. Hi! Thanks for visiting me! I too am excited about the sharing on Sunday! I got a really great box of goodies! Your sewing room is just amazing! I truly love it. I know you get so much done there! See you again soon!
    Hugs, Lisa