Monday, October 26, 2009

And The Winner Is!

A Midnight Shopping Spree
‘Twas a week before Christmas and all through the house…it didn’t look like an upcoming celebration at all. No gifts had been purchased. No decorations had been bought. There was nothing to set a holiday feast.
The clock struck midnight and I in my bed was kept awake by this thought: How will I finish my holiday shopping this year? How? Between standing in lines and fighting the crowds, I could shop everyday this week until next and still not have everything bought and gift wrapped in time!
Then I had an idea. “I’ve got it!” I cried. “I’ll go shopping right now, while everyone else is home asleep in their beds. With no lineups to tackle, checkout will be a breeze!” A sinister smile crept across my face as I realized…maybe the clerks would have time to gift wrap my purchases too.
How does one prepare for a midnight holiday shopping spree? I envisioned myself creeping downstairs, in my curlers and cold cream, black pants and coat. Making my way across town, darting in and out of shadows, blending in where I could.  At all costs, I must avoid alerting others to my brilliant shopping scheme.

The risks would be worth it. When the security guards saw my dire need, they would let me in to my favorite store, where I could buy everything on my list!
And with that thought I was so excited I nearly shot out of bed. But I crashed back onto my pillow as reality hit. The guards would most likely think me an intruder instead of a desperate holiday shopper.
But maybe, just maybe, all was not lost. I could slip on my slippers and tiptoe downstairs. I could do my shopping online instead! There would be no worries of leaving the house in my curlers and cold cream. No need to dash across dimly lit streets. No crowds to wrestle, no hour long lines. Just shop after shop of everything I needed, all ready for me to buy with the click of a mouse!
I had been warned of the dangers of shopping online. But I would only choose sites that I knew I could trust, and not give my information to anyone who seemed suspicious. It would be as safe as going to my favorite store in the middle of the day, only without the danger of getting trampled. And that is exactly what I did.

As I begin my online shopping spree, it soon became apparent that unless I had a destination in mind this might be a really long night. Then much to my surprise I happened upon a wonderful little boutique mall named Make Mine Pink. Now, I thought, here is the place for me. My first stop was at Caroline Alexander ( where I found the most precious Fairy House. These fairy houses are one-of-a-kind, hand-built designs by Jennifer Cameron. They are made from clay and crafted with meticulous detail. The base of each house is pressed into tree bark to give it a realistic fairy house look. Real leaves and molds are used to form each tiny and unique detail on the house. Each house is hand glazed in beautiful pastel shades and often embellished with “pixie dust.” Some of the houses are decorated with Swarovski rhinestones for that extra sparkle.  My precious daughter is going to love it!  The next stop was at Gail Friend Designs ( where the cutest pillows I have ever seen were waiting there just for me! They look like ice cream cones and I had to have one for my Aunt Ginnie...she LOVES ice cream. And ice cream without could I go wrong. Then just as I was finishing up I found the most unique brooche/pin cushion for my sew-crazy sister. It was at The Polka Dot Rose ( A Cinderella slipper made from heirloom laces, vintage brooches, and strikingly beautiful hand made silk roses! So, in no time at all, I had purchased everything I needed, plus a few extra goodies just for me.  Some of the items were being shipped already gift wrapped too. My holiday shopping was saved!
I went back upstairs and fell back into bed. I drifted off to dreamland, this one thought in my mind: “Happy holiday shopping to all, and to all a good night.”
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  1. What a wonderful post! Thank you Vera. Your newsletter is going to be so much fun! You're like a fairy Godmother and santa.. all rolled into one!

  2. Hi Vera,, thank you so much! This was the cutest post ever. YOu are an amazing story teller. LOL Your doll beds are as sweet as can be too! Have a great week, and thanks for all you do. (()) gail

  3. Beautifully written and SO fun! What a great way to start your blog - and your doll furniture is exquisite!
    Mary P
    Marys Cottage Treasures

  4. What a fun post Vera, your a born storyteller.