Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Setting up your doll bed

Well, the bed has arrived and now what?

First, when Fedex delivered the box you may have thought you were getting a new TV, or maybe a window air conditioner or even a new chandelier. Thankfully, when you opened the box, you found your new doll bed. At least we hope you did! We go "green" whenever we can and we recycle, recycle, recycle! So whatever boxes we can get from family, friends or even enemies, we take, store and use for shipping whenever we can.

The set up of your bed is fairly painless. That is once you get through all the packing materials. Was all that packing material necessary you ask? YES! We want your bed to arrive in good shape! We first wrap the bed in waxed paper to protect the finish. Then in bubble wrap (to protect the waxed paper). Not really. But you understand the concept.

Then, to protect it further, we use as much packing material around the bed as we can. We do understand that not all our packing is considered "green" but we do what we can. Of utmost importance to us is that your bed arrives unbroken and in good condition.

In the box you will find a smaller box, actually a photo storage box, with the name of the bedding in the name plate on one end of the box. Inside that small box is all the bedding required to complete the bed.

Now to the setup.

1) Open the box from the top. Under some of the packing material you will find 2 ziplock plastic bags. One will contain large screws. They are to be used to attach the side rails to the headboard and footboard. The other bag contains the small appliques that will cover the screws on the footboard and the screws needed to attached them to the bed.

2) Carefully unwrap all items. If you are using a knife to cut through the tape and packing material, please be careful that you do not scratch the finish on the bed.

3) The side rails will have a strip of wood on the inside. That is where the bunky board will sit. Under that strip of wood is a velcro strip that will be used to attach the dust ruffle.

4) Using the large screws provided and a phillips head screwdriver, align the screw holes in the headboard to the pilot holes in the footboard and attach, making sure that the side rail with the wood and velcro strip is to the inside of the bed. The rails are not interchangeable. Make sure, by lining up the screw holes that you have the correct rail on the correct side of the bed.

5) In the same manner, attach the footboard to the side rails with the rest of the large screws.

6) Using the small screws, attach the small appliques to the footboard, lining them up so they cover the two screw holes used to attach the footboard to the side rails.
7) Once the bed is assembled, attach the dust ruffle. There are 3 dust ruffles, with velcro on the top of each. The two long ones are for the sides and the short one for the footboard. Attach them to the velcro strip on the rails and footboard.

8) Once the bed is assembled, and the dust ruffles attached, lay the bunky board in the bed, so it rests on the wooden strips.
9) Next, put the mattress on top of the bunky board.
10) The rest is pretty self explanatory. Put on the sheet, tucking it under at the foot and on the sides of the bed.

11) Next, place the comforter on the bed, also tucking it under at the foot and on the sides, much like wrapping a box.

12) Lay the coverlet over the comforter where the bottom edge will just come to the end of the bed. Turn it back so the reverse side can be seen.

13) Place the pillow, bolster pillow and accent pillow at the head of the bed.

14) Voila! Completed doll bed!

 We, at Olivia Paige, hope you enjoy your bed as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

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